Why am I doing this?

I have decided to write a blob for several reasons:

1.  I want a place to write down my memories and ramble on about what is on my mind each day.

2.  I want a place to post about my crafts, mainly stamping. 

3.  I want a place to talk about my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I want to grow closer to Him everyday.

My goals are to post something everyday that is going on in my life spiritually, and to post a picture of something I have stamped.  I have decided that I am going to make something everyday using my stamps.  I have to either use every stamp that I have to make something before I can buy any more stamps.  I eventually want to be a Stampin’ Up rep, but I need a customer base first.  I hope that I can keep up this blog.  I have never been a writer at all, but I think I will enjoy it and it will be good for me to put my thoughts on paper.

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